About us

Trailguide is a small business specialized in cycling and walking adventures in Transylvania.

We organize private trips and tailor-made tours for small groups in search of an active journey.

Our goal is to promote the fantastic scenery that Transylvania has to offer, the best way possible, on foot or mountain bike.


The story

Born in a small village resort in the heart of Transylvania, I discovered early on my passion for nature, travel, and adventure. With over three decades of expertise in not rushing into things, I decided to put my local knowledge to use by offering a great travel experience in the region I know best. My tours will take you off the beaten track and combine my passions: mountain biking, hiking and ski touring.


Rushing through a checklist of crowded tourist sights is against our beliefs. Take the time to connect to your destination, choose the path less traveled, taste authentic flavors, experience the culture, meet the locals. Learn about the past and contribute to the future of a community.


This region offers a great variety of hiking, walking and ski touring opportunities. From the peaks of the Carpathian mountain range to the stunning wildflower meadows and high pastures of the Transylvanian highlands, our routes can be personalised to fit your ability and fitness level.


Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike. From quiet roads to forest tracks, flowy single trails to technical mountain terrain, we know exactly where to take you. Take the challenge of a steep climb or share a grin-inducing downhill with your friends.


Learn about the region's history and century-old traditions. Walk through lovely villages with pastel-colored houses and untouched medieval architecture. Discover the cultural diversity and meet the locals. Experience vast areas of natural beauty and enjoy great stories.


Food is an essential part of the local culture, and Transylvania's multiculturality left a delicious mark on its cuisine. Traditional recipes passed down through generations, reflect our unique values and beliefs. Food is locally sourced, and before landing on your plate, it grew or ran in the garden. Every home-cooked dish paired with a rich Romanian grape turns into a feast. Start and finish with a shot of țuica, it's good for you.



Get in touch. Book a trip.
Get your friends. Come over. Hit the trails.

Cycle over the hills from one village to the next in an epic multiday adventure to discover the Tarnava valley. Enjoy direct contact with the scenery and close interaction with the people. Bond with a land rich in hospitality, adventure and lavish landscapes.


Start the journey on your own

Planning a new adventure can be equally thrilling and challenging. Self-guided tours are a great way to discover a new place. We offer our local knowledge as the key component to help you plan your trip.

Gear rental

If you don’t need our help, just rent out the equipment and come back safe.
We have everything you need for a great day out, on the bike or on skis.

Gear rental

We love being outdoors with one condition, the right gear.
This is our carefully selected equipment:

  • E-bikes for added support to friends who don't ride at the same level
  • Top-quality mountain-bikes for any terrain
  • luggage panniers and slick tires ready for bike touring
  • Equipment drop-off at the end of your adventure
  • Complete ski-touring setups to access the best powder runs

Every run is fun on a powder day, so if you decide to join us in winter, we know just the right spots. If you're not prepared for ski touring, we offer professional ski instructing and lessons for beginners.





Cross country


Ski touring

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Principală St. 252, Bazna, Sibiu, România

16 Km from Mediaș
60 Km from Mureș
70 Km from Sibiu
130 Km from Cluj-Napoca

Trailguide is based in Bazna, a small Saxon village located 16km from Medias. It is the only bath resort on this side of the Tarnava Valley and is well known for its curative saltwater springs, healing mud treatments, and its natural gas fields.

Home to a dozen mountain-bike trails, a pig breed, and numerous accommodations, Bazna is the ideal starting point of our journey.